Editorial Deadline: 02.02.2018 – Advertising Deadline: 07.02.2018 - Publishing Date: 28.02.2018


  • AFCEA specialized exhibition – solutions for information and communication
  • Medical Service series: Your safety - preventive medicine and your specialists - Strategic Medical Air Transport
  • The Directorate-General for Cyber and Information Technology at MOD
  • Starting soon: ILA Berlin Air Show 2018
  • Report on the capability of NATO to protect the Alliance
  • 60 years Military Intelligence Service - part II
  • Requirements for field camps made by Directorate-General IUD
  • Series: BAAINBw – Defence Technical Test Center 81
  • The German Navy Support Command
  • Eurofighter TYPHOON - State of the Art as future multi-role fighter
  • Thinking about the “Future Battlefield 2035”
  • Command of Cyber and Information Technology
  • Reflection to reinstall  NBC protection in the Air Force as part of national and NATO alliance defence  


Editorial Deadline: 07.04.2018 – Advertising Deadline: 27.04.2018 - Publishing Date: 17.05.2018


  • Special addition: 32. AFCEA specialized exhibition
  • The Directorate-General of Strategy and Operations at MOD
  • Preview Eurosatory Paris 2018
  • Medical Service series: Your Engagement as reserve component and your medical NBC protection 
  • Capability requirements for NATO nations in the point of view of IMS
  • Panzerlehrbrigade 9 as part of the Very High Readiness Joint Task Force
  • Equipment and ammunition of the infantry forces
  • Eurofighter TYPHOON in Tactical Fighter Wings of the German Air Force
  • Chance justice, variety and inclusion – compatible with family and service?
  • Logistical support for worldwide missions – what can the civil sector perform?
  • Integration of the new NATO Standard IFF Mode 5
  • The role of the Planning Office of the Bundeswehr
  • Situation report on the planned procurement of the Future Heavy Transport Helicopter (STH)
  • Special combat engineering forces at Mali
  • Training of the German Naval Air Force added with an overview of flying systems
  • New German Air Force base outside NATO territory in Al Asrak/Jordan
  • Electronic Warfare of the German Army
  • Report on the Centre of Electronic Warfare of Flying Systems

Editorial Deadline: 19.06.2018 – Advertising Deadline: 26.06.2018 - Publishing Date: 12.07.2018

  • Postreport of ILA Berlin Air Show
  • Fighter aircrafts of the Luftwaffe - equipped with which weapon systems? 
  • News from Eurosatory Paris 2018
  • Report on NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCIA)
  • Situation report on command and control information systems
  • Medical Service series: Your neighbour - people in medical service and rescue chain "Role 1 and Role 2"
  • Warrant of apprehension: combat swimmers of German Navy
  • Military equipment: what kind of ammunition for the Bundeswehr?
  • Questions to the Directorate-General for IUD at MOD
  • Helicopter CH-53  - a logistician in worldwide missions
  • Further development of German army artillery forces
  • Weapon systemes for frigates and corvettes
  • Measures for providung stronger affiliation of personnel to the army
  • HIL Heeresinstandsetzungslogistik – service provider to the Bundeswehr
  • Planning Office of the Bundeswehr - has the Integrated Planning Process proved itself?
  • Air carrier A400M – gradual increase of capabilities
  • The Armed Forces Territorial Organization
  • Interconnectable Joint-Services Radio Equipment (SVFuA)
  • Exercise “Feldberg 2018” of the German-French Brigade
  • The capability to transmit reconnaissance results of weapon systems like TORNADO for Counter Daesh missions

Editorial Deadline: 03.08.2018 – Advertising Deadline: 10.08.2018 - Publishing Date: 30.08.2018


  • Report on the procurement agenda
  • Conception: “Mobile Tactical Communication”
  • Report on procurement of environmentally friendly vehicle
  • Joint military training for all services
  • Mission of the European Defence Agency
  • Equipment of special forces of the Bundeswehr


    Medical Service series: Your help - best medical care in rescue chain "Role 3 and Role 4"
  • In the focus: The Bundeswehr Command for NBC Protection
  • Report on the Air Force Electronic Warfare Center of Flying Systems
  • First impression report on the H145M used by special forces
  • Capabilities of the German Army from a point of view of the Army Concepts and Capabilities Development Centre
  • German army artillery forces
  • In the change: the Military Police and the new training activity
  • Training center for aerial mobility of the German Army
  • First experiences of the RNAF flying the F-35A
  • Situation report on German Air Defence Missile Wing 1

  • Advantages of great locations at the example 10th Tank Division 

Editorial Deadline: 14.09.2018 – Advertising Deadline: 21.09.2018 - Publishing Date: 11.10.2018


  • In the focus: the Bundeswehr Operations Command
  • Unmanned systems – inalienable on the battlefield
  • Road map for the German Tactical Air Defence System
  • Medical Service series: Your animal in service and your mission task 
  • Mission experiences bring ideas into the innovation management
  • Territorial missile defence in Germany and NATO
  • First results regarding the development of the tradition within the Bundeswehr
  • Federal Office of Bundeswehr Infrastructure, Environmental Protection and Services
  • Situation report on Joint Fire Support
  • School for NBC Defence and legal protective duties
  • Transport Helicopter Regiment 30 – mission and equipment
  • Report on the 3rd Minesweeper Squadron of the German Navy
  • On subject: the Bundeswehr Verification Center (BwVC)
  • BÜFFEL, KEILER and BISON among other vehicles for special missions 
  • Report on the Air Force Troop Command

Editorial Deadline: 16.11.2018 – Advertising Deadline: 23.11.2018 - Publishing Date: 13.12.2018


  • To see the old year out: Comments from Berlin and Bonn
  • Update: German Armed Forces on worldwide missions
  • Report on the Special Forces of the Bundeswehr
  • Regarding the personnel situation of the Bundeswehr
  • Report on air-to-ground systems of the German Army
  • Medical Service series: Your technical equipment - used by medical service and your partners in CIMIC
  • Multinational interoperability by standardization for example by creating an Allied Publication
  • Joint European forces – an inaccessible dream or reality one day
  • The German “Innere Führung”- what is the actual situation?
  • Situation report on Host Nation Support
  • Updating: Procurement and Strategic Directorate of BAAINBw
  • Field intelligence troops in multinational training
  • Paradigm change - experiences during the integration of FüInfoSysLw into HaFis 

Our aim is to report in each issue about important topics and actual events. According to this it might be necessary to change or add the mentioned editorial programme.

We present in our column “Automotive“ vehicle new releases, driving reports, car fairs, car financing and car leasing as well as car fleet operators. In our service column “Book Reviews”, we report about actual and interesting book new releases.

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